Parks & Recreation

Phoenix is said to be covered with desert parks and mountain preserves which has been the best of its kind. Papago Park is a municipal park of the cities of Phoenix and Tempe and designated as the Phoenix Point of Pride. This park is said to be a hilly desert park covering around 1200 acres in its Phoenix extent and 296 acres in its Tempe extent.

Papago Park is notable for the distinctive geological formations and a huge variety of desert plants which are rare and in the state of being extinct as well. The visitors will be able to witness the giant saguaro cactus and it also features a desert botanical garden. Encanto Park is another public park which is located in the center of Phoenix.

This park consists of picnic areas, a lagoon, a boathouse, swimming pool, amusement park, nature trail; it is definitely going to be one of the best recreations you could have ever imagined to have on your trip to Phoenix. There are specific recreation programs conducted for the children and the adults as well in the city. With the help of the recreational practices, you will be able to relax and enjoy your visit.