Places to see in Phoenix

This is the capital city of Arizona and it is famous for the year around weather of sun and warm temperatures. Phoenix is quite famous for its high-end spa resorts, golf courses, and nightclubs as well. There are various exciting and interesting places for the people to see around in Phoenix apart from the wonderful Canyons of Arizona.

The desert botanical garden has around 21,000 plants and one-third of the plants are said to be the native kind of the local area. There are 139 species of plants as well which are said to be endangered, rare and threatened. This is a haven for all those people that love the nature and want to be closer to nature as much as possible.

Your next stop will be at the largest municipal park in the United States which is South Mountain Park and it is also said to be one of largest urban parks in North America. This park is said to preserve the natural state of the mountainous area of around 16,283 acres of the native desert vegetation. These are the best places for you to see when you are in Phoenix and enjoy the trip at its best.